Glide Pages - add like/favorite component

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Is there any possibility to add in Glide Pages the possibility to favorite something, and then be able to show your favorites? Pretty much like what is happening now on Glide apps?


There are supposed to be lots of improvements rolling out for Pages in the coming weeks and months. I know the ability to Like something is planned, bit I’m not sure about Favorites. You could build your own Favorites lists pretty easily though, so maybe it won’t be seen as a critical component.


Seems to be pretty easy to create “Favorites”.
I guess “Likes” it’s a bit more complicated in the sense that you have to actually count how many people are liking. This seems to be to only notable difference between likes and favorites. Or is it more than this?

Yeah “like” is a bit more involved and is essentially an increment/decrement action tied to a fancier button. It can definitely be built now, but wouldn’t look as nice as the thumbs up button.

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