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I really want to emulate an “Add to Favorites” option from Glide App but on Glide Page. I saw that the feature is in the works on another post, but I don’t really want to wait that long. I saw people saying it’s easy - and I wholly believe you - but I just spent the late afternoon and evening following along a video tutorial (from @Robert_Petitto) on how to create average ratings and I’d feel much more confidant doing the same for this. I bet there’s one out there that you nicest people can direct me to.

Thank you so so much in advance!

I’m confused… Do you want to add to fav or ratings?

Sorry, it’s late and my brain is jello so I probably didn’t explain myself very well.

I want the favorites feature.

The ratings I managed to fully implement already. =)

Add a USC column that will indicate if it is a favorite… then create a template that will add a heart emoji to the title if favorite not empty

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What does USC stand for? Will this allow for a person to make a sort of collection of their favorite items as well, or would it just appear as a visual marker on the item when browsing?

I will probably only attempt this tomorrow, as it’s become clear that I can no longer process any more information for today. :sweat:

Anxiously awaiting for clarification, and once again, thanks for your patience. :pray:

USC… User Specific Column. When adding a new column, click on the checkmark to make it USC…
yes do it tomorrow… especially since you can’t do that from a cellphone :wink:

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:flushed: I felt it’d probably be something like that.

So, it’d be a Boolean USC, right? I’m most definitely gonna do that as soon as I get up in the morning. I can’t wait to put this baby in the hands of testers.

I truly appreciate your help. :smile:

If you use a boolean, then check if it is true:

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Hey there again!

Using this method will only toggle the emoji on or off though, right? I also wanted people to be able to view all of their favorites, for example, on their profile page.

You can filter a list using that value.

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Oh! Let me try that. Hopefully once the profiles are implemented I’ll be able to verify that.
Thank you! :wink:

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@Ana_Alexandra_Pinto, just made a quick app that may help you! : Favorites


Yes, you can toggle Fav on and off, and as Jeff mentioned… you can filter data depending on the Fav column… or do any logic operation. In my sample, I use direct action to toggle it, but you can add a button or switch.

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I’m no short of solutions thanks to this wonderful community.

I’ll be looking into all of those and I’ll be able to put your wisdom to good use.

So grateful to all of you!