Facing multiple issues with the live Glide app, kindly help!

Hi team,

We are facing some troubles with our live app which are listed below:

  1. Users are complaining that they are unable to receive the PIN when trying to login, they’ve also checked the spam folders but unable to find it, this is happening across multiple users based out of multiple locations, they’ve also tried logging in after some time, the problem still persists.

  2. When I am trying to login to the Glide internal dashboard/ test bench/ data editor I am constantly getting this error, internet at my place is very good, this has happened to me multiple times over the last 3 days.

I am getting no response from the slide servers

I am also facing the same issues sometimes in day (this is happening since last few days)

@GlideTeam kindly respond to this message thread.

@Darren_Murphy can you please help?

So does that look like a regional problem? Are you all from Asia?

Yes, I am from India.

Facing this just now again

Yes we/ our users are based out of India, we’ve been receiving complaints wrt this, pls help us resolve this issue asap.

@GlideTeam @ThinhDinh

The issue still persists now? It’s not a solution for you, but as a workaround, can you try using a VPN service to change to another country and see if it helps?

@ThinhDinh thanks for the suggestion, can you help me in the point #1 issue where the employees are unable to recieve the PIN in the email

Sorry, I’m just a fellow user so can’t help more with that. The issue mentioned seems to point to your local internet provider having a problem at the moment though.