Exporting data

I have data from 30 different “Periods” in one tab

Summarized into data in a second Tab.

Is it possible to export that data into an xls or email? I have only been able to add an email button into each individual row of data and not able to combine all of that into one summary sheet. And when I send it, is it possible to send the data name with the value given? In the google sheet they are two separate columns.

So you want to send that “Total workload summary” information via email? I think you can add a template column to join all of those (assuming you have a row for each user), then add an email button and point to that template column as the email body value.

Correct. I want to send the “Total Workload Summary”. I will work on creating a template column. If I attempt to join the title of each column with the value that’s created from the formula, that will create a #Value error code in the cell…
But I like where you are going with these ideas. I’m going to give it a try

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Leave a comment if you need help, and potentially some screenshots of how you’re setting things up in the data editor if you’re ok with it.

I have been able to combine all of the data from this list:

Into a combined cell and listed the name of the values into one cell. I added one more tab at the bottom to be able to send these via email.

I cannot seem to format the decimal point to only 1 tenth on the combined cell even though it’s formatted to 1 tenth in the data I made the combined value in???

What is the column type of that decimal point value? Is it a Rollup or a Math?

I believe math. I do not know what a rollup column is…

How did you calculate those numbers?

All through simple addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. I did more research and it is not a rollup column. Those numbers I have in there are random numbers I put into my formulas for testing the app

I think the point we are getting at, is it a column type that will let you adjust the precision? If you are, then you can further place the calculated value in a template column to lock in the decimal precision.


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Thank you for reaching out as well Jeff. I have been able to adjust all of my other decimals up to this point. I have either been able to do it on google sheets or adjust it within the glide app up to this point. I used this formula to combine data into one cell:

And when I attempt to edit it within glide the column shows up as an alpha instead of a numeric value:

I also attempted to combine the Alpha and numeric data into one cell using this formula:

and it turned out well on my sheet:

but it will not show in the app:

Sorry to bombard with information, but that’s the best way I can explain it.

I have also gone to Add-ons > Power Tools>Convert>Convert text to numbers and attempted to change decimals from there with no success

The first thing I am noticing is that you don’t have any headings in your first row, so that’s probably why you are getting weird results. You are trying to set the heading row with the formula instead of the subsequent data rows.

Thank you Jeff! The first thing you noticed is the last thing I noticed… smh… lol! That’s why you are the expert. I have made the correction. But still cannot change the formatting on the decimal places on my last summary sheet to export. I have formatted everything else to a single decimal in all of the other sheets. But keep getting long range on my “Workload Export Summary”

And although it is formatted on Sheets to look neat,

It runs together on the app and doesn’t separate to look neater

Was able to set the competing as an action box instead of a title component and it looks much easier on the eyes.

You have to format it in a Markdown way I suppose.

If you are still having issues with your final 2 values not rounding, it was not made totally clear how you build the column value to contain all of the information. Is it a formula in the sheet? Is it a template column? Is it a combination of both? Templates will usually take the rounded value and lock it in unlike a math or number column, which will show a value with precision set, but will still calculate with the non-rounded value. If you are building this in the sheet, then you should be able to add RND as part of your formula. If you are building the entire thing in glide, then the template should be taking care of that for you unless we are missing something. If you can show exactly how you are building that column, then it might be easier to provide an answer.

Here is the formula I used to combine all of that data into one cell. And the other sheet is all the information I used in that formula

Try applying a ROUND function to the summary values for your CONCATENATE statement. Or like I said, using a template column in the glide editor would be much easier, but if you need it to be contained in the google spreadsheet, then your current formula is the better option.