Export to PDF with URL images and HTML Tables

Hi there,
I am looking for a solution to export data from GS to a printable PDF template.
Some of the data contains URL images (Quickchart.il) and HTML+CSS Tables stored as template columns.
I know that Document Studio give this solution but not sure it supports HTML or URLS.
Any Ideas?

Hi, many different answers on the forum, for ex.

Yes, I did read it but there is nothing regarding HTML or URL Images that doesn’t involve
coding Scripts which I don’t know. :woman_shrugging:

I did not tried them, but did you check these ones?

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looks like this PDFMPNKEY works in Integromat too.
but my html templates don’t work here.
I will have to reconstruct the data in their format.
will give it a try and update here

This sort of thing is right up my wheelhouse. I’ve done it many times, for many people.
But it’s not a 5 minute job, so I don’t do it for free.
If you’re prepared to pay somebody to do it for you, PM me and we can talk.

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