Export Users Records as PDF

I’m attempting something that several others have hinted at but I can’t find a good solution for. My users are completing various forms that submit to one of several tabs. I’d like them to have the option to export a record of all their submissions (preferably as a PDF). I have one possible solution but it’s cumbersome. It seems like a lot of this has to happen outside of Glide, but doesn’t require any scripts or coding.

  1. A Zap creates a whole new sheet for all new users (watches for new rows on User tab of Master sheet). I think it can copy some heading and formatting from a template if I’m not mistaken.
  2. All submissions we want to export are sent (in addition to their normal submission pages) to a unique tab on the Master sheet, including the user, timestamp and any specific info for exporting (if different than the normal stuff we are using in app, like it is in my case). Call this tab “Raw Data to Export”
  3. Zapier watches this tab and pulls new rows, depositing them on each user’s specific Google Sheet file. This creates an up to date log of all of their form submissions. This sounds impossible but I found a “custom” button in Zapier when selecting where to write the row and you can select data from the “trigger” sheet. Hopefully that would work but maybe the sheet link has to be populated there??
  4. A button within Glide allowing the user to “export” their form history creates a new row on another tab on the Master sheet (call this tab “Export Requests”).
  5. A different Zap watches for new rows on the Export Requests tab, and pulls the user email, somehow matches it to the user’s unique Sheet and somehow emails them a link to this sheet.

That last bit is where I get foggy, but I think it’s doable and will at least allow the user to manually create a PDF or share the sheet with anyone they want. Before I start building this out I wanted to throw it out to fish for any red flags.

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