Export Filtered Data

Hi there,

I’m looking to export filtered table data on a page.

The issue I’m facing is that the export functionality only exports the full table (from the backend) and not the filtered data that’s shown on the UI.

Can anyone provide exact steps,


In your CSV action you can choose the source, meaning the data you’re to going to export as CSV. Even if you have filters applied, they are only applied in the front end, the entire data set will be downloaded as a CSV.

You would need, in your glide table, to add a query column, and filter only the desired element, the in the CSV action, use your query as source. Then the CSV will only have data from the query.

If it’s not a static export, meaning your criteria for the export change in time, you will need to use a custom filter. Robert Petitto made some great videos about it, Ill see if I can find them.

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It’s most likely not a “static export” per Lucas’ definition above, since you allow users to filter them on the front end. You can get started with this.

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