Issue in implementing Download CSV integration

While Integrating Dowload CSV integration I am facing a problem while using this integration. I can not convert the filtered data on my screen into the CSV.

No, that’s not supported.

If you want to export a filtered list, then you need to implement your own solution.

hey Glidder can please suggest any solution to this problem ?

The below is quite old, but it will give you the general idea.


You should be able to create a Relation column (using your filter criteria, make sure “match multiple” is checked). You can use the multi-relation as your generate csv data.

The problem with that is that it doesn’t work with the In-App filtering :man_shrugging:

Yeah true. That method isn’t easily customizable by the user. I guess I assumed he was referring to a list filtered by design (not in-app filter).

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actually I want the user to download the data that is filtered from the sheet and is on the UI. I want the user to have a button to download the data into a CSV column.