Export a PDF By filter

I have a table with data of clients.
I want to export a PDF file every month (using PDF.CO). By filter: month of birth of that customer.
The file will include:
Background picture
the name of the customer
Thus, each file will contain all the pages of the month, and each page will show a different customer’s name.

I would appreciate help, even for a fee, on how to do it using GlideApp, PDF.CO and MAKE

Thank you

Do you mean there’s only one PDF to generate, containing all customers who have a birthday on that month?

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True and accurate. Thanks :slight_smile:

Theoretically I think what you need to do is:

  • Create a math column in your user profiles table: YEAR(D)*10^2+MONTH(D) with D being the birthday of users. Let’s call this “Birthday Month”.

  • Create another math column in your user profiles table: YEAR(N)*10^2+MONTH(N) with N being the “now” value. Let’s call this “Current Month”.

  • Add a template column and build your HTML snippet of each “page” there.

  • Use a query column to query all users who have a birthday in the current month with the filter being: “Birthday Month” equals this row > Current Month.

  • Use a joined list column to join the HTML snippets on top of that query and then use a webhook action to send that snippet to Make, process it in a PDF.co module.

The only thing I’m not quite sure is if PDF.co allows you to add custom CSS. You mentioned each page would show a customer, so something like page-break-before: always would work.

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