Exhausting Youtube API quota

I’m using the YouTube API to fetch data from about 180 videos on Glide. But in a short time, it has exceeded the quota, especially if there are edits in the same line as the video position. Would it be better if I moved it to Google Sheets in my case?

So you’re fetching using the Fetch column, and when something changes in your row, the column fetches again and consume your quota?

I thought it should only fetch again if there’s a changed input for the fetch column, but I don’t know your set up.

Yes, that’s right.

My initial assumption is the same.

In principle, I have two kinds of columns: YouTube API Url column and JSON Fetch Column (there are several columns according to the data taken: views, likes, post date). Then I combine the data with the template column to display in HTML.

Of course, I can’t display the quota calculation. Two things lead me to this assumption:

  1. Refreshing columns in the Glide table always occur at the start of opening GDE.
  2. Refresh also occurs when I compose/change the appearance of the data via the template column (Html & CSS). So it is very obvious that at this point the quota will run out soon.

Regarding the user’s actions in filling out the edit form many times even though it doesn’t change the URL video input field, whether it affects it or not, I’m not sure.

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