Glide directly into API?

Hi everyone, I’ve got an API data base that is updated daily with Google Sheets pulling the data which is then piped into a prototype Glide app. However, the data sets are getting too big for Google Sheets and we are now receiving this error message "“Resource at url contents exceeded maximum size”.

Is there a way to have glide pull directly from an API vs. trying to go through Google Sheets? It seems Google sheets has become the bottleneck for us!!

Thanks in advance everyone.


As of now, it’s a no, but in the future when Glide Sheets supports importing CSV/excel files then hopefully your case can be solved.

How many records do you have?

Hmm sounds like we might need to find another option other than Glide.

In terms of rows, it varies a lot. Some sheets are 10K rows (with many columns) others are upward of 200,000 rows. Trying to load this amount of data from the source API into Google Sheets is clearly is too much for it to handle, even at the smaller sizes.

We might need to find an app tool that can be leveraging data from an API directly, than Google Sheets.

Unless there is an easy way to somehow cut the data and load it into Google Shets in smaller chunks. Not sure if something like this is possible.

You could maybe use Integromat to pull the data from the REST API and store it within an Integromat data structure. You could then distribute it across multiple sheets, again using Integromat to do the population, or filter it down before adding to your existing sheet.