Everyday a new no-code tool

I am a big believer and a big researcher of no code tools. I love Glide, but I am impressed with http://www.Adalo.com too. Did any of you try Adalo? Thoughts?

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Please stop shaking shiny things in front of me.

I just got diverted from a future career centred around building chatbots, once I saw what Glide could do, so I’m trying my best to avoid any new distractions for at least a couple of months.


It’s never bad to know what’s happening else in the world. And ignoring other tools is always an option.

If only I could ignore them all. Ha.

I love sharing links as well, almost hoping to justify my addiction to great things.

I have enough programs and courses to last ten lifetimes and spend most of this one just cataloguing and updating them all.

But I have to say, Glide is almost too good to share. I’d like to bask in the glory of looking like a genius for just a bit longer.


Adalo is quite good. They have App Store support and you can design for web/desktop size as well. Their designer is currently more powerful than ours, so you can do things that Glide cannot and customize your app more with a little more work. On the other hand, Glide is way easier to use.

I would say the major difference is Glide’s data-driven approach, and our higher-level approach to design—we manage more of the design process for you. We also give you more for free—500 rows vs Adalo’s 50.

Adalo is also a couple years older than Glide, so I’m quite excited to see where we’ll be when we’re as old as Adalo :smiley:

If you try both Glide and Adalo, we’d love your feedback on the differences!


For a lot of the so called ‘no code’ tools it helps a lot if you know about coding and databases and stuff. So technically the term is right, but to me it doesn’t feel for the masses. On top of that it helps a lot when you know a little about design. So need to have knowledge and expertise in two fields. Bubble and Adalo are two of the examples.

I agree with you that the great thing about Glide is that it helps me look things good, I don’t need the most original thing around, I need something that’s good enough for me! And you’re doing a great job getting rid of the formulas in sheets because the formulas in sheet to me feel like programming.

I hope to rebuild something this week with Adalo that I made in Glide as well, then I’ll post my experiences!


" Adalo is also a couple years older than Glide, so I’m quite excited to see where we’ll be when we’re as old as Adalo " ??

Doesn’t adalo start in 2019 and Glide in 2018?

In 10 years, I studied C++ language academy to create an app, and even bought a MacBook. Eventually, I gave up, and decades later I got to know Glide. It is introduced by making it mindlessly as if it has a magic wand (eg, https://peacelink.glideapp.io/). It was created by obtaining information from the Glide site or YouTube.

However, I learned by introducing Adalo on the Glide YouTube channel. Not only the no-coding, but also the notification function, app store publication, design, and various configurations are attractive. However, the regrettable point is that Glide is converted to an app by inputting various data with Google Sheet, but Adalo is not such a function, and it seems to change the sample. Is it correct?

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