Looking at other tools on Christmas day

What do you do, when you’re not a festive person? :wink: You try some no-code tools you haven’t tried before or look at them again.
Conclusion: Glide remains by far the no-code tool with the lowest entry barrier.
I spend some hours with Appgyver. A free tool for when you are an under 10 (!) million a year company. And you can publish to app stores.
They call themselves no-code, but if you don’t speak the language and logic of a coder, you won’t get far. It feels more like a tool to speed processes up for people that know how to code. Glide is an easy winner if you want to get your average Joe or Judy into building stuff.
Revisited Bubble too. It is still a very impressive tool when you look at all the plugins and possibilities, but same story: not for beginners. And an extra hurdle: not only do you need to understand the programming logic, you need to be able to design too. It’s such a plus that Glide helps you with a good looking app.
Yes there is a lot of competition, no there is not if you want it easy and goodlooking.


You know, Glide was the first no-code tool that I stumbled on, and it’s still the only one that I’ve used.
I see lots of chatter about other no-code tools, but I’ve never been motivated to look at any of them. I prefer to spend my time developing my skills with Glide and learning all I that can about it. Sure there are some things about it that frustrate and annoy me. But in general it does all that I need it to, and on balance it’s a joy to work with.

So on this Christmas Day, after getting through the obligatory family stuff, I spent most of my day working on my Glide apps :slight_smile:


I totally understand what you say, maybe it’s better to stick to what you love, but I like to try new stuff as well. So from my experience I say: stick to Glide :wink:




count on me for keeping my eyes open for the outer world :wink:

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I spent the entire day yesterday tinkering around with Appgyver (rhymes with McGyver). It interfaces with Google’s Firebase. After watching a tutorial, I set up my Google Firebase and my “Hello World” app to access the Firebase. I literally spent the entire day just on this process. Why? As easy as it sounds (and was), I could see my app was hitting the Firebase (in the stats you can see the number of reads/writes, etc.), but no data shows on the screen. I tried everything.

Now, I’m not saying all this to say Appgyver doesn’t work. It probably does. Like Glide, they are probably slow in modifying their videos to allow for differences in implementation over time. But here is where the rubber meets the road. After three hours of no success, I posted to their Community forum.

Then I continued to monkey around with both Firebase and Appgyver (just my initial template application), and never got a response. Not one. Not even a pointer to another video or section of helpful documentation. Mid-morning of the next day; still nothing. Crickets.

Kudos to the Glide Community. You guys have helped me over more than one hurdle.

I’m sticking with Glide. But Glide?? PLEASE give us access to Google tables in existing Apps that use only Glide Tables!! I really need to share one table between multiple apps, and manipulate it outside of Glide.