New No-coder but excited to start

Hi everyone,
My name is Warda, I am a Canadian living in Oman.
I discovered Glide while looking for a way to create, or design an app for someone who has 0 knowledge about coding - except it is a bunch of symbols that mean something :smile:
I am trying to learn the basics and how to start, I find it so helpful to create such a tool for normal people like us to try and experiment with how to build apps, and maybe make our ideas come to life.
wishing you all a great creative day!!


Hey @Warda_G!

Great to have you join our community. A big warm welcome from Glide :rocket:

Welcome to this family, feel free to let us know if you have any questions!

Hi @Warda_G , welcome to Glide and to the community forum.

There are many ways to get started building on Glide:

  • You can just play around in the dashboard and create a random app, you would quickly get the hang of it.
  • The Glide Library is (highly) recommended at one point during your learning journey.
  • The community forum (here) isnโ€™t a must, but it can be helpful to troubleshoot, learn, and share in return.
  • Darren wrote a nice list on how to get started. (You donโ€™t absolutely need to start from a Google spreadsheet anymore, you now can add it later.)

Happy building on Glide.

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