Can someone teach me how to create apps in glide?

How to create apps step by step ? i have no idea about this but i urgent want to do this

Hi @Fey,

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The first thing you can do is do a quick search on Glide Templates Page to find a app for your app idea or maybe a similar one.

If your didn’t find anything then the best way to start is from Glide Documentation :

And also Robert ( @Robert_Petitto ) , Jesus (@eltintero ), Darren ( @Darren_Alderman ), Grumo ( @grumo ) and some more people has uploaded some videos about Glide that can help you too!

Some of them YouTube channels are linked below :

And also Glide Team also uploaded Nice videos in there YouTube channel! Link is below :point_down:

Last but not least, if you have some issues that you don’t have any idea to solve it this is the great place for that! You can post your question here!

If you need someone to build the apps you can Hire a Expert!

but i urgent want to do this

Then the best option would be Hiring a Glide Expert!

All the best!

Thank you


Hi… welcome to Glide

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