🆕 Event Picker

Has anyone else gotten this component to work yet?

Yeah just tried it out

Try with a non-empty source of events.

Have a sheet which has both start time and end time, that way events will populate the calendar.
And this picker submits the start time and end time of the new event you create.
It’s basically 2 date/time pickers with a much better visual experience.


Awesome enough to keep a Vietnamese and an Indian awake at 5am and 4am respectively :joy::joy::joy:


3 insane updates :joy:
Couldn’t sleep!!


No way to toggle between weeks?

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Can you send a screenshot of your component setup? Component isn’t showing up for me.

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Tapping on the date at the top of the screen brings up a calendar picker to choose different weeks. At least on my phone.

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Doesnt work in the builder or on the desktop.

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Noticed that. Looking at the page source, it looks like it’s configured as a date input but with a zero height, so the input isn’t rendering as visibile on the screen.

When I remove the height restriction (you can see it’s a date picker under there somewhere):

The issue where the picker doesn’t appear should be fixed now. Thank you for reporting, @Robert_Petitto!

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@Jeff_Hager Which browser is that?

Chrome 85.0.4183.102 (Windows 10)

This was in the builder. I did an Inspect and manipulated the height on the date input. My screenshot is not the default view, but the view after manipulating the height in Chrome’s dev tools window.
making it visible allowed me to get to the date picker.

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Just, simply, massive … :+1:



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Also wondering — how do you switch weeks. In the builder, anyhow, I cannot scroll horizontally to navigate to a date outside of the current week.

Also confused how to enter the title/description in this component.

Last question—what’s the difference between the two start/end fields?


Wishlist: checkbox to prevent users from selecting dates/times that overlap with another event!!!