CSS Calendar & "PickCalendar"

Despite the offer of components provided by the Glide team, I made, for my personal needs, a modal date picker. Something similar to the “Date” component but with a visualization of my data. I stupidly call it: “PickCalendar”. It exists with or without the images.
I also added a no modal calendar / schedule tabs with full pictures, single pictures or no picture.

I used the @Jeff_Hager calendar example, which I have to thank very much, as the basis for the structure and the like.

Here is the rendering:

"PickCalendar : "

Tab Calendar Full :

Tab Calendar Simple :

Tab Calendar without picture

here may still be bugs or improvements that need to be fixed.
Obviously it is sometimes difficult to select a date in the editor !, but it works fine when posting.
I have not yet tested it in a desktop application! To see the surprises!
I made a small full demo application (well maybe this is a bit of a mess or it’s probably possible to optimize).



Another ridiculously well done example of applying CSS to the app.

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:thinking: :sleepy:

It was a compliment :wink:


good job!

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“Ridiculous” in this context means “incredible”, “outstanding” :slightly_smiling_face:



yes I had translated it like that at the beginning. :wink: :smiley: :smiley:

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That looks great!


Now that is a great looking calendar :+1:

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thank you @ThinhDinh for the compliment :+1: :smiley: :smiley:

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thank you @Jeff_Hager but it’s thanks to you

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