🆕 Event Picker

I think it would be ok if the time picker was a little… better :see_no_evil:

I think the event picker looks great, just don’t understand why it can’t go past midnight

Robert, could you share this application for study?

There is a bug with the event picker. It appears whenever I create or edit an event and set its date not to the current one. At first, it appears in the calendar as it supposed to, but as soon as I change the calendar view or move to another page and back, the date of the event is changed to the current date. How do I solve this if I don’t want to use two separate date/time pickers for both the start and the end of the event?

Solved this by using Glide table instead of google sheets for events.

Made some efficiencies—take a look:

Always feel strange to revive a ancient post.
Has this been resolved? (“Description” not showing)

What about the ability to block certain time ranges??? :confused:

Ya…I wish.

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Is there a way to make the event picker simply days instead of a time slot? For example booking 3 days at an airbnb style home thanks!

No, that is not possible for now.

You can try to date pickers though, for starting and ending, if they are consecutive days.