Event picker does not scroll laterally

Good morning,
Event picker seems to not scrolling laterally to go on the next week. It works in the Glide admin (viewer) but not on mobile (safari and chrome). Is it only me?

Tap the date at the top of the event picker.

Thanks a lot Jeff for taking the time.
Your tip works but I does not find it that user friendly (intuitive).
I don’t understand why the lateral scrolling was working last week and works in the viewer but not on mobile.
Do you think the lateral scrolling will come back or not?
Thanks again :)!

I have never been aware of the lateral scroll ever being available on mobile. As far as I’ve been aware, lateral scroll was only available on desktop and tapping the date was the only solution on mobile. It’s a common complaint, but as far as I’m aware, it’s always been like that since the component was released. I also don’t use the event picker very often, so I’m not sure if anything had ever changed with it since release.


You’re probably right. Maybe I didn’t properly test it thinking the scrolling was going to be on mobile too.
As I don’t like the UX of the event picker on mobile, I’ll go back to my good old date/time picker :wink:
Thanks Jeff and have a good day.

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