Date picker bug

Hi there,

I have troubles with the date picker, the Glide material shows the possibility for the user to pick a date from a calendar when tapping an arrow menu. The picker actually does not show up for me.

Is it something I am missing?

Thank you in advance,

Hi Spleenr,


I have just tested the same component in my App. When I clicked the calendar, the options were demonstrated like the image above.

Can you try it again?


Thank you for your answer. Unfortunately it won’t show up

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I also have this in my app when I use my android phone. iPhone users seem not to have it. I found a workaround and that is to click the left hand side of the date line and the calendar pops up. If you click the right hand side - where the calendar icon is - the line shows as ‘selected’ by changing colour but no calendar pops up. Unfortunately clicking in a specify spot is not very intuitive - so I had to make the date not mandatory on a form otherwise lack of ability to pick a date blocks people proceeding.

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Hi, thank you for trying to help!
However, it won’t work on android or iPhone, left or right in my case…