Escrow Payment Integration

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I have been building an app and everything’s almost ready. Now I am integrating one more feature that allows a user to post their product (tangible or in-tangible) and other users are able to see it.

Now, we as the company act as a middleman and take the product access information from the seller and the money from the buyer. When the payment comes to us, we send the access information to buyer and money to seller.

Is something like that possible in Glide itself, or is there an integration that I can add to my app?

I googled about this kind of thing and found out about Stripe connect and Has anyone been able to successfully integrate them on the app or use their API.

P.S. I’ve been using Glide for 1 week or so. Please forgive me if I’ve mixed up concepts in my question. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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I think Stripe connect is the right way to do here. The logic would be something like:

  • Every time a payment is made to your account, you take the product info from that payment.

  • Do a lookup on your database, assuming you have a Google Sheet for that, take the Stripe connect ID of the business selling that product.

  • Make a transfer.

Not sure what you mean by “access information” here.


Thanks for the reply. So the product that would be selling on our platform are in-tangible. Hence, there is ID and password required for accessing that product. This we need to transfer that information upon payment.

The method you stated here seems good. My question is whether the buyer would have to setup a Stripe Connect account before posting their product or would an account on our platform be enough?

Thanks :v:

I haven’t used Stripe Connect, but based on their docs, here are the 3 params you have to set:

Amount and Currency are straightforward, the destination param takes the Connect ID for your business partner.

The link above shows you the way to create a new Stripe Connect account for your partners. You will get the “ID” back, and can store that somewhere so it can be looked up in our original flow.

Alright. Thank you very much. I’ll definitely try out this method.

Thanks again :pray:

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