Erasing rows

I’ve got this “5” in my Subjects form that I can’t get rid of. I tried to just erase all the rows in the data editor that it appears, but I’ve been unsuccessful. Does anyone know how I can erase those rows?

Did you try to delete them and refresh the tables with the little update button next to the table ? (At the very top center)

Manually deleting rows in the data editor can sometimes be a bit hit and miss. It’s not uncommon that you can delete a row and it suddenly re-appears a few seconds later. But after a couple of goes the deletion will eventually “stick”. If it’s a Google Spreadsheet row, then removing the row in the spreadsheet and then re-syncing (as @AymenM suggests) is pretty much guaranteed to work. If it’s a Glide table, then the only advice I can really give is “If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again…” :wink:


OMG I deleted the rows in the Google sheet, and everything disappeared from the data editor EXCEPT the 5!:scream::rofl::rofl:

And as I looked up to take the picture, the 5 disappeared too!lol IDK why it lagged, but it’s gone. Thank you.