Equivalent of Save button

Is there an equivalent of a Save button on Glide? I have a page where more than 10 fields are to be filled in by users, and sometimes I have seen the values not updating when the user clicks the back button and coming out of the screen too quickly.

It’s not a form submit where new records are to be added. The requirement is to edit the records. If there was something like a SAVE where the user can either press the button to update the record, or make them wait till the record is updated in the spreadsheet, that would actually be quite helpful.

Does something like that currently exist?

Is there any reason you are not turning on edit mode for a record and clicking on the edit pencil to edit the record that way? That way requires the user to click the checkmark to confirm and submit their changes.

Yes, there is a reason. The fields they are supposed to edit include text, date, and selections from drop-downs.

In the edit pencil method (which I would have ideally preferred) I was unable to figure out how to add a choice component for the drop-down options. So if I use the edit pencil page, I would have to keep the drop-downs in one page, and the other fields in the other page, and that would look odd.

You can add a choice component in edit mode. Unless the choices made need to make realtime updates to your sheet for updating other values???

How could I miss this! I see the choice component now. :cry:
I could have sworn it wasn’t there when I was building the page :frowning:. Sometimes I don’t even know what I’m looking at.

No. No real-time updates. I just need to be more careful.

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Perfect! That stuff sneaks by you sometimes. :thinking:

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