Button component no longer allows clearing of values while editing


Some time ago I used a button to inside of a form to clear and reset values in a choices component. That button no longer works inside while editing, but it does work when I exit out back to the main screen.

I am glad that the values still clear, but it means that a person would have to exit out of editing if they made an error to reset it.

Does anyone know why this feature changed?

Do you use a native form? Did you try to reset a choice in that form, and how does that even work? Can you give us some screenshots?

Here are the screenshots. It is possible that I have used some terms incorrectly. Hopefully, it helps explain the situation better.

The first screenshot shows how the button is set to clear values.

The button does not work on the edit screen, however, if copied and pasted to the detail screen it clears the choice components as the original button on the edit screen was supposed to do.

When you return to the edit screen, the choices have been reset.

This has only recently stopped working in my app and I noticed it would was not working in any of my apps, paid or free.

This will only work in new screen and values of adding a row or moving a focus to a certain row but I don’t think it will work in a form input

I don’t think this would ever work in an edit screen, since it’s kind of a “sandbox” environment that temporarily stores your data for editing purposes.

I’m imagining it like this:

  • Every time you click the edit button, Glide shows you a copy of your current data, and allow editing as much as you need.

  • Once you click save, that temporary edited data is then written to your real data.

What you’re trying to do here is to manipulate the real data, while in a screen for the temporary data. I’m not sure why you said it worked before. Based on the setup I don’t think it would have ever worked the way you wanted to.

I remember working on something like this with @Mark in the we’ll do it live sessions. Buttons should be able to clear values inside of forms and edit screens.

But is it clearing the real value? So say I clear the values in the edit screen using a button like @GeneDrea did and then click “back” (not “done”/“save”) then the values that I cleared won’t come back, right?

No, it should just be clearing the temp value. There’s no way to have that button clear the real values.

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Interesting. My observation for now is they don’t work like that, a button with set column clearing values in an edit screen does not clear anything at all.

I had this problem as well and I realised it started sometime after 1st May.

Prior to that, my apps with this similar button worked fine, until 1st May.

My form had recorded entries fine until 27 April, that’s when it last stopped.

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My button updates a row column to True.

When it didn’t work, i added the switch and it works.

Is the same true in a form?

It does not clear anything, same as the edit form experiment.

It definitely worked before. One of the GLIDE experts helped me with it and when I went back and asked why my button was no longer clearing, he was surprised that it no longer worked and figured out it would work if I moved it.

Thank you for the feedback. It helps to know that I was not the only one to experience that change in functionality. It is a bit less convenient, but I figured out how to make it work.

Hmmm… Not sure what to indicate as the solution. :thinking:

Ya…buttons are supposed to work in edit/form screens. @mark @jason can y’all look into this?

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Hi @GeneDrea

Could you submit a support ticket so we can take a look at this?