What triggers the choice entry to clear?

I have a choice on an edit page. You make a choice of equipment and enter fueling data, then open a form to complete mileage data, and then submit. Problem is, previous equipment choice is still populated when returning to edit page. What triggers clearing of the choice selection?

Just to clarify, are you starting on an edit screen or a view screen with edit components?

Assuming a view screen with a choice component, nothing will clear it. That value is saved to the sheet and pulled into the form. When you are finished and submit the form, it takes you to the previous screen, but the choice component is still going to be populated based on the value that was saved to the sheet.

Unless Iā€™m misunderstanding your app flow. Do you have screenshots to show the process?

View screen with edit.
Thank you, you answered my question.
Moved the choice to the form.

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