Add Save Functionality

Sometime when you delete a component you lose all your work,
please add a Save as functionality please or a history to revert back any changes please.

There is an ‘Undo’ button to undo any changes?

Is it a question?
As far i can see i can only duplicate an app choosing to duplicate the sheet in order to work with different apps on the same sheet but i didn’t see any undo , i mean maybe its only me , let me check.
Ok i see…but a save functionality would me many times better.

The arrows at the bottom of the editor are your undo and redo buttons

Thanks i saw it but in my opinion this is not enough ,better than nothing. If i exit the app or i don’t know …you’re lost,As i said Glide could be the Wordpress of the apps and in there you have the history of changes.Again , thank you so much.

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