Undo and Redo are now supported

First developed in 1968 at Brown University, Undo (and its nemesis, Redo) is now available in Glide. Experiment and iterate your app design more quickly, and erase mistakes with a flick of your fingers. Enjoy!

Note that, for now, Undo only undoes changes to your app’s layout & design, and not changes in the Data Editor.


Super handy. But who really makes mistakes, heh heh…


Great addition, thanks.

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Thank you, Glide Team. Hope to see Admin, Push Notifications & PayPal integrated within Glide at the earliest possible.


This? Is… AWESOME! Great job. Team Glide ftw!

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@Aj2666 in regards to your comment for Admin - The best use of this so far is the organisations app I have just set this up for my project and its exactly what I needed :slight_smile:


Nice, I will give it a try. Thanks

Thank you! This has been requested for a while so I want to personally let you know that it is appreciated!!!

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Found out when I pressed the shortcut accidentally. Came here to share my happiness but people already knew :slight_smile:


Curious about that “make sample” link on the side. @david

Can someone help me read pictures? What is the key to use with Z? I have a Microsoft keyboard and am not seeing a key that looks like the photo. Thanks.

Ctrl - the Control Key.

Ctrl Z is pretty standard for Undo in windows.
Ctrl Shift Z is for redo.

Apple uses the command key that you are seeing in the video.

Thanks! I had tried that but it didn’t work, so apparently whatever I was trying to undo was undo-able. But now I know for future, so thank you.

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