Enterprise plan and team/account restrictions

Hey everyone!

I’m wondering if there are any glide ACCOUNT or TEAM restrictions? On the number of apps on the account for example.

I am asking because I I’ve just noticed that in the Enterpise plan description there is a line “Unlimited apps”. Do we have any limits on the amount of apps/rows/something else on the common (not enterprise) accounts?

I am not talking about per-app restrictions (free, pro, basic), that’s understandable. I am only trying to understand the situation with the whole account or team, are there any general restrictions.

Thank you!

To my knowledge, no. The “unlimited apps” refers to the price point. The $999/mo means you’re no longer charged per app but rather per account.

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Thank you so much Robert!

Hey Peter,

Yep, no account or team restrictions. The pricing switches to $10/user/mo with a minimum of 100 users for the Enterprise plan. You get unlimited apps and a slew of other Enterprise-focused features such as:

  • Enterprise Compliance
    • This includes Security Reviews
    • Custom TOS (we’ll send you our MSA for your lawyers to review)
  • Priority Support + Bug Fixes
    • 1-day support response SLA
    • Priority bug fixes
  • Build-with sessions
    • We’ll provide Glide Experts to work directly with your team to make sure your app is using best practices
    • This includes 24 hrs of consulting time with an Expert
    • Quarterly reviews with the Glide team to make sure you’re getting the most out of the platform
  • Feature escalation
    • We work to prioritize features for our Enterprise customers as we are able and if it aligns with our roadmap.
  • Additional Data Sources
    • MySQL + more coming
  • 99% Uptime SLA
  • Dedicated Customer Success Manager (me :slightly_smiling_face:)

You can pay annually with a quarterly true-up, or monthly with a one-year commitment.

I have some Experts who are bringing me Enterprise customers as well. Typically if a customer starts asking for Security Reviews, wants to redline our Terms of Service, or pay via PO/Invoice they’re a good fit for the Enterprise plan and we’ll handle all the legal and procurement work.

If you can start selling into larger companies they’ll want this sort of work done. Usually, the pricing starts around $15k on the low end. This is about the price where things start becoming a line item on a business unit’s budget.

This would also give you the opportunity to charge a higher margin. If Glide costs $12k/yr, tell them the price is $24k-30k to allow some room for discounting if they push back. Explain the recurring costs (priced per user) and bring me in and we’ll get to work.

For the 24 hrs of paid consulting for the customer, I will set up a contract with you and you can bill Glide directly.

Let me know if you have any questions!