Empty, required (filtered) choice component preventing form submission

I got past the initial hiccup where I wasn’t able to bind an ITE column to the 3rd choice component. So while we can display some default text where no choice needs to be made, my view is that it’s confusing to ask a user to interact with a choice component only to discover there’s not benefit to that interaction. And unfortunately, there is no way to set a “No Selection” as a default in that field when choices are dynamic.

From a UI standpoint, this scenario is often handled by disabling the component:


I would be sufficient if we could just DISABLE the requirement.

For my use case, the bigger problem with a default text ITE approach is that it prevents me from accessing the unique ID associated with each combination of choices. Similar to an issue I’m wrestling with in another app, describe here.

The most critical data I need is what you see in the 4th choice component in the video (I wouldn’t be using that in production). Once I make the send set of choices Dock-Diesel, the presence of an artificial “No Choice” somehow breaks that chain. Doing all this outside a form makes no difference.

Hmm, yeah this one is getting a little beyond me haha It would be great to be able to apply a conditional “required” though. That could be really useful for things like this and beyond.

Wouldn’t call this a “solve” but best approach I could find was setting conditional logic in custom actions (pre-form) to determine how many choice components get served, which addresses part of the problem. Maintaining multiple forms (6) is not ideal. There’s a trade off to confront if I want the resulting Marina UID in the sheet – I can’t submit two values on a choice component (e.g. Marina UID and Pump-Out), which means a vlookup in the sheet to get the missing (1-2) values. Visibility options in forms are crippling.

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