Cascading (parent/child) filters in forms - how to submit resulting data?

Context: Lab-grown cart. Adding a product to cart is primarily via button > actions > form.

  • Each product is assigned a unique ID.
  • A product can have more than one option.
  • A combination of options = variant
  • Each variant is assigned a separate unique ID.

Variants are added to cart from a parent product’s screen, not their own. Consequently, the screen columns accessible in the form don’t reveal the variant’s data. I can’t access the variant’s unique ID.

Example product with 5 variants, 3 options

Variant 2 = A1 / B1 / C1
Variant 2 = A2 / B1 / C2
Variant 3 = A2 / B2 / C3
Variant 4 = A3 / B2 / C1
Variant 5 = A3 / B2 / C4

3 choice components for A, B, and C preferences.

I can filter for the variant ID with a 4th choice component but that’s not helpful since I won’t be asking a user to select the resulting variant ID for me. How might one get that value out of the form and into a sheet?

filtered inline list
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option 1 - option 2 - option 3 template on both ends, then relation

what am I missing?

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