Embed live video (calls) with Mixily

All tools I share here are embeddable in Glide of course.
That is the case with Mixily as well via Webview.
Do you want to stream webinars via Glide? Do you want to do videocalls via Glide?
Mixily Virtual Venue has a great free version with a lot of options to customize everything.


@Mark_Turrell might be helpful for you and your latest app. Thanks for sharing as always @erwblo!

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Nice find! have an example app set up with this yet? Would love to see how it works.

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I have been trying it today temporarily in an app that is live. I was there with 4 people. My first impression was really good. But because it is a live app I’ve deleted it as well unfortunately.


Good Job

Walk-through of my ‘spit test’ app - using Jitsi in a webview (url ending is the RowID for privacy)

Seems to work!


The features in Mixily are really nice for customization, but they would not work for my use case. I have confidential 1:1 video sessions on a medical issue - so the use of a starter string + random string (such as the RowID) is perfect for me (and works in Jitsi). I have still not yet tested out Gruveo to see if it would work… it was less good when I tried at first as it did not want to embed in a screen.


Yeah Jitsi is good too, they have JAAS as well, Jitsi As A Service :wink:


Another one :rocket::rocket::rocket::rocket:

I did the test with @Mark_Turrell and we had a nice video call within glide, great find by @Mark_Turrell !!!
Now it would. Be great if there was a tool like this but for chatting


which of the tools did you test?


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We used jitsi.

The first use, there is a ‘how would you like to use this app’ screen that gets thrown up to the user (which is annoying and would be nice to remove).

The URL is created with a template column (start+rowID = meet.jit.si/ + rowID) to give us unique URLs for each session.

And I use a button bar (back and next) with a increment (-1 and +1) to move the user between screens (which is really just up and down the Glide screen using visibility settings).


@Mark_Turrell @erwblo Thank you!

I tested both. I settled for Jitsi in the end. Mixily is good but in web view lacks that bit of edge.

You can test here: https://wizwazeer.glideapp.io/


For me the best tool is the tool that works off the shelf :wink: No code for life :wink:
Is that the case with Jitsi or is this css stuff?

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Agreed @erwblo !!

Images. Just cut out the jitsi website images. No CSS

The name JITSI ( just font, size and colour: 1000 % guarantee never breaks. I never use css that breaks or you have to fix every time a website is updated :blush:).

The button bar is glide native button bar. No CSS.

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Do you use https://meet.jit.si/
Or do you install a server yourself?
Or do you use https://jaas.8x8.vc/
Options, options, options :wink:

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:star_struck: loads of options.

Meet.me it’s easy to set up. I haven’t tried the other options yet.

but Meet.me is a service that uses Jitsi as a video solution?

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