Audio/Video rooms in a Glide App


This app is based on The Office theme.

  1. When you log in, you are asked to select your primary work location (spaces in The Office).
  2. Once done, on the home screen, you can either join your primary workspace by clicking the floating home button as a Host.
  3. You can also join another space in the office, virtually, as a Guest.

The audio/video support is powered by a service called

I hope this opens up new possibilities for everyone.


This is a neat idea


This is neat. Love to see 100ms being on here this early. I just read about it yesterday.

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This is very cool. I would like to try but unsure on the SDK end, Where does the 100ms code live? Did you write the code and publish online somewhere like Heroku?

No. I created a video conferencing template in 100ms and linked the invite links of the individual rooms in Glide.