Embed discourse in Webview component [not working]

Hi Guys,

I’m trying to embed a discourse community (the forum that this community is also run on) in a webview component. However I can’t get it to work.

My first hunch was that I needed to allow go.glideapps.com and my domain to allow embedding. However, I’ve done that. And glide is still showing me that it’s not able to embed it.

I also asked the community at discourse and they responded back:

“You can try whitelisting in admin >> customize >> embedding. I’m not sure what Glide is doing though, Discourse can run perfectly fine in a regular webview (for example, our own DiscourseHub app for iOS uses a webview).”

For the record, I’m on pro and I’ve tried above whitelisting, but without any luck.

Anybody has an idea?

Just making sure - your app is pro, correct?

Yes, i’m on pro. Using the webview component for other elements in the app as well.