Discourse via Zapier

Hello everyone :wave:

I was wondering if anyone had connected a Glide App to a Discourse Forum and whether or not this is even possible?

Thanks in advance.

What sort of connection do you want between the two?

Hey @ThinhDinh thanks for the reply. I want users to be able to read and reply to threads.

Have you tried using a webview component for Discourse? I have never tried that and not sure it works.

I have not tried that. My coding knowledge is very basic. What is a webview component?

Webview is a component that “embeds” a web page and display it inside your app.

However I have just tried a discourse forum and it doesn’t work.

You can just give an option to open it in the device as a new link I guess.

@ThinhDinh ok right thanks. I intend doing some testing myself. I was just wondering if this is something someone had already tried.

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