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I’m sending email notifications from my in-app messaging, but it always comes from I read that you should be able to change that by changing the “reply to” field but, when I do that, no email notification is sent at all. I have to leave that on Chat User 1. Does anyone know how I can have it be sent from a real email address?

Are you on a pro private and using the email action?


Hi @ThinhDinh
I am on Free Plan. Does that affect the email issue?

@Ali_Mora I believe the send email action is a Private Pro only feature.

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Noted, thank you @Jeff_Hager

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It IS a Private Pro only feature. It’s the only reason I went with the private pro plan: I didn’t want to have to pay Zapier for such a simple task. So, do you know if there is a way to have the emails being sent from anything other that “noreply”?

I haven’t used it myself, so I don’t have a reliable answer. I’m also not an expert on email systems, so I can only give you my best guess.

My guess is that you just fill the ‘Reply To’ field and it should populate the Reply To in the email. To help avoid being placed into spam folders, the From still needs the noreply email, so it it can match the source of the service sending out the email.


That’s usually how it works with most companies. There is an unmonitored noreply email address for any automated emails. Sometimes those emails are sent with a ‘Reply To’ that tells the receiver’s email client to use that specified ‘reply to’ email address when they click on the Reply button. As far as I know, that’s how I would expect it to work, unless you set up your own server to handle email processing yourself.

Basically from my understanding, spoofing the ‘From’ address in an email so that doesn’t match it’s source that it was sent from, is like receiving a phone call from a spoofed phone number to trick you into answering it. Most spam services will probably notice that something doesn’t match up and flag the email. That’s where the ‘Reply To’ comes in. It tells the user and the email systems that the ‘From’ address is legitimate, but any follow-up correspondence should be sent to the email specified in the ‘Reply To’. If I understand correctly, Zapier would do the same thing, unless you have your own SMTP server to actually send the emails.

Note below from Zapier docs: