Email form content from Glide

I am using a form button.
The form fields correspond to fields in a table.

I want to send the content of the form to a recipient.
I have set the Reply to value, however, the email is sent from

Email that is sent

Form confiruration

  1. Is there any way to style the email?
  2. Why isn’t the sent from address the same as the reply to address I set?

Yes, it is…

the reason for the reply being different, from the one sent, is that you might want to have replays being taken care of, from a different account… like a customer service… if not, just put your own email.

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Can I use the “sent from” email configured in Glide as the “reply to” email?

Is it possible to style the email at all for example with brand colours? I can see a black bar and then some white space then text.

Are those links to a product you sell?

yes… I do sell these products… as for now, is impossible in Glide to render HTML modify emails, but Glide is such a great platform that you can use google scripts, to enhance your App

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I see that you tried my Demo Glide App to send Emails… it was a good experience?

thanks for sharing that, you use Google scripts to control the formatting of the email?


how do I tell Glide to use the Reply to address in the form settings instead of the address? Why does Glide let me set the reply to and then not use it?

the reason you see domain is that you are using a free plan or you did not select collecting real emails in the app settings

My man, thanks Uzo

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Hmm, that doesn’t seem to work. I have configured the form like so:
Screen Shot 2022-06-03 at 6.49.57 pm
and am collecting real user email addresses.

I’m just testing from within Glide and emails are sending, just not with the desired reply address. Any ideas?

I do not use Glide native emailing, so I can’t help you with that… maybe refreshing the editor might help… or make sure the emails are not fake ones in user’s profiles… you just changed… so they might not sign in yet with the real emails… you can replace manually to real ones to test it

what is a fake email?

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oh gotcha, I’m using real emails, I think the problem is I’m using the Standard plan and it looks like I need a Pro plan (is this even listed on the pricing page?). Thanks everyone.

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