How do you change the email from in the email component?

What and how is the default email address obtained for sending emails from? I want to control and change which email account is used when my app generates an email message to send.

Use case: user has work apps and personal apps on a mobile phone, some should generate email as sent from users work email and others as sending from personal email address.

Correct me if I’m wrong, but isn’t the email component specifying only the “to” field? The “from” field depends on whatever email you’re using for your Email app on the device.

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You are correct, you can ‘input’ the ‘mailto’ address.

Ok so specific to my iPhone, lets use the (3) email addresses below:

on my phone I have the iOS default Mail app connected to icloud & work emails and work email is the default

I have my gmail email connected with gmail app

so appears that in all cases any emails from my apps will generate a draft email using the default email address on the native iOS Mail app (my email address)

I can test this by changing the default email address to my icloud email address and see if that changes the address that the draft email is generated with.

so then it appears you cannot control or change the ‘email from’ address within Glide itself.

The email component is for the user to send an email, not for you to send an email. For that, please use the send email action.

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Got it. So as the user of the app when I click the button a email is generated for me to send, as the user, as the user how can I choose which email is used as the send from email account?

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That’s exactly it, Cisco!

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Thank you @Pablo_books

Sorry for the poorly formulated question. My question should have been more clearly asked this way:

Question: How do you change the default send from email address using the Glide email component?

Answer: You can’t.

Reason: The send from email address is controlled by the email client on the device. Glide can not change the email clients default email address. Glide simply creates an email link that launches the devices default email client, which populates the send from email address based on default email address.

Alternate Solution: Send emails from a different address or alias - Gmail Help