I’m having trouble with the editor this morning.
There is a user specific column, when I change the value, after a few seconds the value changes by itself.
And the editor is no longer “synchronized” with my phone or on the desktop, normally if I open the application on my phone, I see the changes on the editor but it doesn’t seem to work anymore.

mise à jour
Notez que l’application fonctionne correctement sur mon téléphone ou mon ordinateur, le problème n’existe que dans l’éditeur


And editing a column, for example changing the name or the parameter has become a hassle, sometimes after a few seconds, the editor updates the name or the parameter with the old parameter.
In short, it is difficult, very difficult, very very difficult.


is there a solution or not ??

I read another post from a user who had a similar problem, the data changed after a few seconds.

Well I have found an alternative solution to my problem.
I had to change Email and now User-Specific is working.

So my question is:
Are User-Specific data purged at a time or how to clean ???
Because if I re-registered the old Email the problem persists.