A data update from a form (edit&submit) is gone after a few seconds or refresh

My app is simple. It has

  1. Button which add a new row to the collection, and
  2. Collection which is displayed as list
    (with action “Show edit screen”).

When I edited a column value (time format), the change is displayed once, but after a few seconds or refresh the data update is gone.

How do I handle this issue?


Can you show me a screen shot from the Glide Data Editor that includes the column headings please?

My gut feeling is that you might be updating a User Specific column, and as you are viewing as “Anyone”, as soon as you refresh the user specific values will be lost.

Looks like the edit function is having problems in Glide.

Soory, Now it seems to be working. Maybe you can test it again.

Thank you always Darren.

Here is the screenshot.


The issue occurred in the column, which is:

  • the first column,
  • in time format.

For instance, I can edit the third text column and the change is saved permanently.

That’s weird. If you try changing your browser’s language to English and do the change, does it work?