At refresh time User columns are lost

Hi there,

I’ve implemented my tool in a way to work without email signup, public mode, and using for this User specific column. But at client side such like every 5 minutes the connection is refreshed and the user column lost, that means if the user is doing something, this values must be introduced again (that is not good of course).
There is anyway to avoid this or to let the User column do not disappear?
Does anyone encountered this problem and how has solved it?

Thx in advance!

User-specific columns will only store temporarily for the session and at your client’s side, if for some reasons the app is forced for a refresh then the user-specific values will be gone as well.

Yes indeed, but what comes to refresh it? Maybe because i was working on it on developer mode or there are other possible causes?

Probably because you’re doing something in the editor, it forces a refresh to update new settings/data to the client side. That’s my best guess.

Ok, I’ll check it better and will come again to update this conversation.

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Let me know if I can help.

Well. look likes if you don’t use signin you may get this problem frequently.
But in this moment I d’ont have time to test it perfectly, just is my impression.

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