Editor vs Public User

I am using the free version. The App is for neighbors to sign up to play Pickleball. I get a warning email that I have used 9 of my 10 editors. How do I make someone a public user and not an editor? If they can enter data (name, select a date, select a time) do they have to be an editor?

Seems like you have invited those people to your team so they show up as editors. You can just share the relevant app’s URL with those people so they can use your app.

Thanks for the comment. But that is not a solution.
How do I allow people to join the app, and enter when they can paly, with out them being an editor?

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I think you may be misunderstanding what editors are. Editors are those you have personally invited to help develop your app. These are not typical end users. These are people that can create glide accounts to help develop and actually change the design of your app. I’m not sure if you want Public users or Private users. You will not have enough private users under a free plan, so you will need to upgrade your plan or switch your app to public without any whitelisting of users.

I think you may have your privacy settings misconfigured, and possibly misunderstood how to invite users to use your app. It would help if you showed us those Privacy settings, as well as show what method you used to invited users.


Thanks Jeff,

I understand Editor vs User. But I don’t see any settings for that.


Your privacy settings show that anyone can sign in, so that’s good. All you need to do is share the published url with your users. All users that sign in should be considered Public users unless you are utilizing Role functionality in your user profile configuration. If you are utilizing Roles, then users could be considered Private users.

Your second screenshot shows only 1 Editor, and 0 public or private users. You said your email mentioned 9 of 10 editors. You are the one editor according to that screenshot, so Im not sure where it’s getting 9 editors. Are you looking at the correct team folder? What you are showing doesn’t seem to align with your original question. And besides, the ability to have 10 editors begins with the Pro plan. Do you have a Pro team folder?

Again, Thank you very much.
I am using just the free plan. Sorry to Glide, but I can’t justify $25/month for about 10 people to track a pickleball schedule.

But I may have wasted your time. I went back to the email sent to me and then re-read the limits of the free plan.
I have 9 public users. The free plan is limited to 10 public users. That is what the warning was about.
I misread the email as having 9 editors and the free plan as having unlimited users. It’s unlimited visitors.

Sorry for the confusion and for wasting your time. You did get me to go back and do my research.