Public App vs Amount of Users


I have created for people who organises local continous swaps this app, so people can register if they have received a bag of clothes and who to bring the bag next to. The apps are similiar in settings, as far as I could figure out, but with one they are labeled as a ‘Public App’ and the other in the amount of users. I was wondering if I could set both apps as Public Apps, so I can continue the free plan

Be sure to check the privacy settings for each app to see how they compare. Seeing that you have a user count on one of the apps, that leads me to believe that you ha e that app set up as Private.

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Thank you for your response.

However, the settings are as far as I can see similar and they are both set to Public and not Private

Do you use roles in either of the Apps?

Can you show us screen shots of both the Privacy Settings and User Profiles configuration of each App?

Thank you for your response.

No, I do not use roles.

I will share screenshots below in the attachments

That second screenshot shows that you don’t have User Profiles configured - the source of your Users table is “None”. That probably explains the difference. Are both Apps configured the same way in that respect? (I suspect not)

Thank you for your reaction.
Both the Apps are set the same in settings. So it is weird that in one shows this amount of users and the other not. I have now set the source, but it still shows this difference (users. vs. public) on the home page of the project.

Okay. I’m really not sure, but could it be because nobody has signed into the first App yet?

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