Editing bugs

I have put up with 3 bugs for too long, so here goes:

  1. Disappearing sub-menus
  2. Custom actions spilling off the edge of the screen
  3. Data editor not handling new columns… spilling off the edge of the screen: Needs padding!


the video link can’t be opened

Pretty sure it’s working…

Agreed with all 3. Very annoying.

For the first one (actions), the workaround I use is to zoom out one level (Cmd -), so I can get at the last action condition. But that gets a bit ridiculous after you’ve zoomed out 2 or 3 levels.

For the second (flakey fly-out menu), I know that @jason has said that he will fix that if somebody can provide a Replay Recording with the behaviour. I’ve tried, but every time I try to catch it the stinking thing behaves itself. Maybe you can get a recording?

And the last one, the best workaround I’ve found is to grab the column and move it one to the left, and then you can get at the drop down controls.

But yeah, would love to see all of these fixed.


My workaround for that has been to stop using the + to add a column, and simply use the new “add column right” feature in the dropdown of an existing column – but not the LAST column.

edit And now that I’ve watched the vid I see that’s your workaround also. I wholeheartedly support fixing the disappearing sub-menus bug. That would make a good title for a murder mystery, “The Case of the Disappearing Menus”

I’ve experienced the sub menu issue too. Particularly on tables that have a lot of calculations or larger apps in general. Almost seems like it’s still doing some sort of behind the scenes calculations. Maybe time or distance based calculations that can change frequently.

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