Edit Glide Account - Name & Picture

Small feature but I feel I need sometimes.

Be able to edit in Glide’s account:

  • Name
  • Avatar


Use case: My agency has rebranded and now my company name is not AppLution anymore. Same for Avatar/Logo.

In profissional cases, where we use Teams to colaborate with employees and/or other companies, the name and pic is still there too.


Isnt these values coming from Google and Gravatar?

Yep, but some people may want to change both too

Btw, I’ve changed my google account name weeks ago, and never updated in glide, that’s another reason to have it

If you sign out/in in Glide with google, does it update?

It doesn’t :confused: Even clearing cache doesn’t force an update on Glide’s end. I ran into this issue a while back and decided to just make a new Glide account altogether.



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