My name is Glide

Hi, I want to ask how can I correct my name since I misspell it when I login in for the first time.
Thank you in advance

Can you go into more details? Which “name” are you referring to here?


My account name.
At the moment is:

  • Name: Norberto Jorge

  • Surname: JGonçalves
    But, it should be:

  • Name: Norberto Jorge

  • Surname: Gonçalves
    Thank you for your attention,

Norberto Jorge Gonçalves

So you mean your name in this forum?


No. In the

Can you send some screenshots about what you are trying to change?


Here, at the left-bottom corner, boxed in black.

Thank you,


What email did you sign up with? Did you use your Gmail?


Yes, I login with an google account, the same as the address of this e-mail.

Thank you,

Then I expect the name to be the same as your Google account, can you try changing the name on your Google account to see if it syncs?

Ok! I’ll try!

Thank you,


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I believe that the name at the bottom of the screen uses the original name that was on your Google account. I changed my Google name AFTER I signed up with Glide and it has changed everywhere else except in GLIDE ! -
It does appear in several places in the app builder and dashboard
Screenshot 2021-08-23 at 11.50.17

You can change it here (Author) but I don’t think that it appears anywhere on the published app

Screenshot 2021-08-23 at 11.48.29