Change Glide's Account Name

I just realized my name on the template gallery is incorrect. It should be “Bungchow Apps” ( my Gmail account name), not “NoCodeHighBenefit”. I don’t know what I did previously.

gmail account

I’d like to change my Glide account name, but didn’t find any features for doing that.

Any suggestions, dear Gliders?

I think @sebastiansolari can help you with this.


Thank you @Darren_Murphy.

@sebastiansolari : Should I submit a request ticket?

@Bungchow_DigiLearn changes made! You should see them in a couple of minutes.


Thank you for your quick response! @sebastiansolari

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@sebastiansolari : On template gallery is fine, but no change on my Glide account name.

Is this the name you see on your Glide dashboard? I think it links to the email account you used.

Yes, it is. But, my email account is as such an image above. Thanks @ThinhDinh

Then you can try changing your name on the email side and see if it changes in Glide.

I did and no change

Give it a few more hours to see if it syncs. Otherwise I don’t have any further pointers.