Edit duration columns without a stopwatch

I need to edit duration columns without a stopwatch, because I had a Glide app that helped me to do cost estimates for projects. But a recent update of your platform or that’s the only thing that explains it, broke my workaround and no longer saving my durations.

I had some buttons like this:

Those buttons were in a separate screen and they executed an action to increment the duration.
When I go back my changes are lost. This was working before a week or so ago.

The buttons were a workaround, but I have to say that we need proper duration components to handle that type of data.

How do you store the duration in the first place? Did you use a stopwatch?

I believe that under the hood, the duration is still just a number. If you have it in a number form, you can increase/decrease the amount accordingly using your buttons, and then convert it to the format you want using another column.

Hi @ThinhDinh, no. I do not use a stopwatch nor anything else. Just the buttons.

I understand that duration is stored as a number. Actually, 24 hours is stored as a 1. So my buttons will increase by a fraction of a 1. I already do that. And what impress me is that I have some text components that have math columns in the same screen. So the button is doing something, and the columns that depend on the duration column are getting updated. But when I go back all those changes are no longer there. Like if they got reverted back.

I want to say that this was working for a long time before, and I did not made a recent change on my app. It just stopped working.

If it’s worth something, here is a video. Glide App Recording - YouTube

It looks like you go to the Edit screen, then from the Edit screen you go to a details screen of a related row?

Does it work if you go directly to that screen and edit things not going from the Edit screen?

@ThinhDinh, yes that works. But I no longer have access to the edit screen. What do you suggest?

Edit: I found a workaround, creating a custom action and doing “Go back” before showing the details screen. I am not going to say that I’m happy with the work around (custom action) of the workaround (the buttons). I really wish we could have a proper component to select a duration of things.

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