How do I record a duration in Glide Pages?

Apps has a stopwatch component and a duration field.
Pages just has a duration field.
I’m building in Pages

Entering 1 in a duration = 24:00:00 so this obviously means 1 day.
I want users to enter a duration for a workout which will be in minutes and seconds.
How do I do this in Glide Pages?

My current approaches are:

  1. Enter minutes and seconds then use calculated columns to produce a 00:00 time. Which displays what I want, but won’t work in a graph because it isn’t storing that value.
  2. Enter time as an incorrect decimal, e.g. 1.50 means “1 minute, 50 seconds” but you’re really entering 1.5 minutes. Only impact is that the formatting looks wrong (no : between mm:ss) and people might get confused. Otherwise the graph will just be up to .33 off (1.5 should really be 1.83 minutes) which isn’t a major as the graphs don’t zoom in that much.