Dynamically create a new column with its name

I’m trying to solve the problem of multiple choice. Example:

  • the idea is that the application will act as “employee attendance list” or “lesson log”
  • columns on the worksheet (data entered by the “Application Form”): employee’s name, date, status yes/no
    I’ve already seen some of the topics related to this in the forum, but the solutions presented are not what I mean. From what was also described, such a feature does not exist at the moment in Glide. I came up with an idea (I don’t know if it’s about realizations) that the “name” column The “status” were fixed, whereas the date was not created until a specific date was selected from the “date” component. In this way, subsequent columns with dates would be created and thus the attendance list would be created.
    Is it possible to dynamically create a new column with its name?

Greetings Piotr
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There are ways to automatically create a column in google sheets, but the problem is that Glide won’t recognize it until you go into the builder and add a component for that new column. You would have to do this each time a new column is added.

Thank you very much for answering. In that case, I will be waiting for the option " multi-element list" to appear.
Greetings Peter

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