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I’m a little confused on the following topic, I have researched within the community, but haven’t found any results as of yet.

I have a list of 50 items under the Compact format. Each item page leads to a new one, depending on the users choice. Is there a way to make the navigate from page to page dynamic (e.g. if in no 10, and want to go to no 45), according to their input and click on a button? Instead of going back to the main list.

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Hi sounds like you want deep links which is not possible, yet.

It’s on the features request list

If I have understood you correctly, this should be possible using a combination of relation, inline list compact and tiles. The tiles will act as your buttons in this case, nearest to a deep link. I achieved this result with this community app, where I had some 30 listed items, but wanted user to be able to navigate between them. alyasasquranstories.glidespp.io

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I modified the Paging example in https://concepts.glideapp.io/ to include a choice component to jump to any other item. It’s rough, but should give you some ideas.

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Many Tx. Packed with very helpful tools.

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